Our mission is to use art to promote health and healing and reduce health and health care disparities among black and minority women in the District.

How We Work

We are women-centered, including all who self-identify as woman.

We are community-driven.

 We collaborate. We build. We mobilize.

DC Teens Against Tobacco

Creating Smoke-free Housing in DC

In partnership with Breathe DC, ZuriWorks works with multiunit property owners/managers to implement smoke free housing policies and reduce smoking among residents. Learn More →

DC Teens Stand Up to Big Tobacco

ZuriWorks worked with DC Tobacco Youth Coalition Teen’s Who Don’t, a leadership program that empowers DC students to promote smoke-free lifestyle among their peers, to create a PSA. Learn More →

School Health Index

Each public and charter school in DC is required to complete and submit a yearly School Health Index profile. To empower schools to create health plans that serve their students, ZuriWorks joined forces with Office of State Superintendent of Education to educate and train teachers in the CDC’s School Health Index.  Learn More→



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