Arts and Public Health

What’s for Dinner?
“What’s for Dinner?” is a photo-documentary series that explores the way DC’s economically, racially, and ethnically diverse communities eat. The project goes into the kitchens and dining rooms of DC’s poorest and wealthiest residents. Photographers not only explore what people eat, but also how they eat, traditions, rituals, and routines around food. The series shed light on how gentrification and the growing wealth gaps impact food access, food choice, and over all health and well being among District residents.


Exposures Project
The “Exposures Project” is a multimedia art and education program led by Andrene M. Taylor and Kea Taylor. Over the course of several weeks, participants meet for workshops where they are taught photography and lead through a creative process that enables them to create their own stories in words and pictures about their experience in cancer. Women are trained as health advocates and use their stories to heighten cancer awareness. The photographer for the project follows participants for up to two weeks and captures a series of ‘day-in-life’ shots and large-scale portraits. Among the galleries and institutions the project was featured are Howard University Hospital, Pepco Gallery, West Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Gallery of Fine Arts at Howard University, and National Institutes of Health.


Social Justice
ZuriWorks supported Justice in Balance, is a monthly restorative justice dialogue forum in the District of Columbia committed reconciling harm among those impacted by street and systemic violence. Community members meditate and share their experiences in an effort restore personal balance and facilitate healing. The dialogues draws on practices rooted in the country’s indigenous history and African diaspora traditions. ZuriWorks supports Justice in Balance forums for college students at Howard University.


Special Projects
“Save Debbie” was a 30-day crowdfunding campaign that raised over $30,000 to provide life-enhancing medical services and care to Osarere “Debbie” Idiabonya, a 32-year old metastasize breast cancer patient. Funds raised provided Debbie with needed medicines until she passed away on April 1, 2016. Watch Debbie’s story here.


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