Gaining Weight and Exercise

When some women start working out, they sometimes gain weight. For most of these women, this is a problem, especially since they believe that exercise will help them


  Sugar is bad for your health. It’s filled with empty calories. The substance causes damage to the liver and is among the leading causes of diabetes.

Baltimore Uprising, Don’t Call it A Riot, Part 1

Yesterday, Baltimore imploded. On the surface, it appears that this is a reaction to the unexplained death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old African American man who was

We’re All African Raven!

Raven Symone’s attempt to clarify her comments about race get murkier and murkier. Recently, Raven appeared on “E” to set the record straight about her racial politics

Black is Beautiful

Black is beautiful is a cultural movement with the stated aim of empowering individuals of African descent across the diaspora. South African author Steve Biko’s book Black